A Little Treasure Colour
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01 June 2023

A Little Treasure Colour

A4 $79 21cm x 30cm
A3 $159 30cm x 42cm
A2 $248 42cm x 60cm

Nestled at the bottom of a lush, slightly overgrown blooming garden, a small cottage stood as a hidden gem, its presence known only to those who ventured past the vibrant array of flowers and foliage from shady trees.


A wide path leading to the cottage steps was lined with cobbled stones, inviting visitors to follow through and step up to the small private verandah.


This mauve coloured cottage has a timeless appeal, with a pitched roof, wooden rails, and charming casement windows that allowed the soft glow of natural light to filter through.


Even though this cottage appears small, it is a gathering spot for friendly conversations, craft sessions, and lots of laughter that regularly echo within its walls during gatherings of friends and family.

A Little Treasure Colour



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