Maple Grove – Timber Vista Cottage Sepia
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02 February 2024

Maple Grove – Timber Vista Cottage Sepia

A4 $79 21cm x 30cm
A3 $159 30cm x 42cm
A2 $248 42cm x 60cm

Life in this quaint Queensland timber low-set home with bay window and gable over the living room, offers timeless charm and a unique living experience for those who love to link style and old world together.


You can just imagine the residents being a young family raising their children in this comfortable home, lots of laughter, love, fun, home cooked meals and action.


The Bay window allowing the family to enjoy the changing seasons, admire their gardens and scenery, and perhaps even a glimpse of their neighbourhood beyond their fence.


So many beautiful homes throughout Queensland have been restored and provide a wonderful lifestyle to their occupants.

Maple Grove – Timber Vista Cottage Sepia



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