Quiet Time by the Pond
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08 February 2024

Quiet Time by the Pond

Miniature $79 20cm x 25cm
Small $138 30cm x 37cm
Medium $206 41cm x 50cm
Large $396 61cm x 76cm

Sitting by a quiet, secluded pond is an enchanting experience that engages the senses and offers a tranquil escape from the bustle of daily life.


You experience a soft symphony of rustling leaves, butterflies flittering by, frogs cracking and distant bird songs that welcomes you to a special place.


Your gaze is drawn to the water, where aquatic plants sway gracefully in the current. Small fish dart between the submerged waterlilies and leaves, creating delicate patterns on the pond's surface.


Occasionally, the surface tension is broken by the subtle movements of water insects, leaving behind concentric rings that expand and disappear. A wonderful environment for meditation and peaceful thoughts.

Quiet Time by the Pond



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